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our mini vacation
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So....what makes a person?

what makes a person? Recently, my family went back to the church that my husband and I were married in to witness a baby baptisim. The minister said something in the message that I found odd....the minister was talking about hard economic times and how when a person loses their job, they lose their idenity.....hmmmmmm......got me to wondering........IS that what makes a person who they are? Their job defines who they are?
So, a waitress is 'just' a waitress? a cop, is just a cop....a banker is just a banker? What about us ladies who are stay at home moms? or stay at home wives? What about the people who are retired? What does that make them??
I must say that this has been the topic of my conversations lately with my beloved and my best friend....and we all agree....NO....a job should not define who you are...a job is just that...a job...something you DO....but it certainly isn't WHO you are.....or at least not me.....I am a proud to Stay-at-home mom, I am also a homeschooling mom, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a niece, a 'retired' hairdresser, a wanna be "Paula Deen" cooker, a crafter, now a blogger!, a Christmas lover!, a dog owner, a child of God, ...the list is endless....
Now my job...you know, that 'thing' I do....let me tell you:
My sweetie's Mama Bear, hugger to my children, cook for my family, wash clothes, dry clothes, fold clothes, put clothes away, shop for our food, pinch pennies, drive children to activities, fixer of 'boo-boos', thermostat controller, Christmas tree putter upper, pop corn popper, floor mopper, vacuumer, duster of the dust bunnies, algebra helper, english corrector, kindergarten sing-a-longer, good night kisser, help teenager with her hair, football mom, cheerleader mom, baseball mom, piano listener, gardener, canner of summer goodies, salsa maker, chocolate chip cookie maker....on and on the list goes of the 'things' I DO....so, who am I? What makes me? A job? Something I do? NO. I am a Child of Jesus Christ....simple. Just a woman, who loves God, loves her husband and children... just a Mama Bear......what makes you?

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