our mini vacation

our mini vacation
view from the top of Jockey's Ridge

Thursday, May 27, 2010

kids and pools....

It's something we'll laugh about in years to come....If you want your kids to get out of the pool....let the little one get choked and puke in the pool! The others will decide rather QUICKLY that they really don't want to swim any more!! Yep....that happened to us today. Of course, Mom had to 'fish' out all of the puke....and then the kids decided, that 'naw' they had had enough swimming for today!! It will probably be DAYS before any of them want to swim again! (just to make sure that all the water has gone through the filter!!) The smallest one (the one who made all this possible!) probably would have gotten back in (she is a mermaid!!) but she has a brother and a sister who are germaphobes!! They decided for her that we'd all be done---that is, right after they sit and watch mom do the 'fishing'......

Monday, May 17, 2010

saving money

O.K., I think that this whole 'saving' money thing might just have gone to my head! Seems that every time I log onto the computer now, I am checking my 'mom saves' sites!! Just found another one that I think will be a winner....
It offers codes for popular stores such as Kohls, JCPenney, Lands End, Amazon. Codes that save a percentage off of your total order. Only problem is, the dress I want....at Land's End....is out of my size....phooey.
I think I'll spend the evening organizing my coupons in another holder....this one will fit right into the front of the shopping cart, and maybe, just maybe I won't drop it---and coupons go flying---like yesterday in Target.....ugh.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Couponing and saving money

We all want to save money. We all like to save money....and if you are like me, you NEED to save money!! Being a stay-at-home-homeschooling-always-broke-looking-for-something-for-practically-nothing I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a deal!!
I have a friend who keeps telling me that we should really investigate this couponing thing...claims that she has a friend that actually MAKES money using coupons. Not that the friend is getting rich or anything-but her savings and coupons are actually getting her a few free items and a little money back (depending on store)....so, with newspaper in hand and scissors in the other, I started clipping. I find it very therapeutic actually! Well, unless you are angry and start cutting too hard and then hurt your hand!! or worse!
I've started stockpiling my coupons, got my coupon holder, organized them according to product (I am sounding really together aren't I????LOL! Don't be fooled!!)
I head out to the local grocery(the one that will double coupons) yesterday with my menu in hand, grocery list, coupons and the sales paper. This grocery trip took a little longer than usual...but it could be due to the fact that I had to keep turning around to call down some rowdy youngsters that kept wanting to dance and perform in front of the security cameras....yeah, pretty sure if someone watches those tapes, they'll be entertained!!
I was pleasantly surprised that I did manage to save $40 in groceries....I am still learning!! I'm looking forward to clipping coupons this Sunday!!
I review several blogs for savings also....through these blogs I have been able to score several shirts for $5 from a popular mall store, my son and daughter like the ever popular "Croc" shoes-and I was able to score 2 pairs of $40 crocs for $14.99 a piece with no shipping!!
Check out these sites....see what you might be able to save!!
www.dealseekingmom.com ( a great site)
www.mommyswishlist.com (sometimes she gives the coupon codes for % off savings at different stores for online ordering--very worth it!)
www.southernsavers.com (a site that will help you save on groceries locally)
www.afullcup.com (this site is good--but I can't seem to get it to work today--)

Happy Savings!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Just HAD to share this with you....isn't this skirt just the cutest??
I found it when I was looking for a basic wrap around (remember the 70's) skirt pattern. I had a pattern that I had used before....however, I wanted to update it some....that is when I found this!! It's called a 'Versatile skirt'...you can find it at: www.makeitperfect.com and go to the patterns.....on the package, it claims that it will become your favorite and you'll want to make many--which is so true!! I made my first on Saturday afternoon in a couple of hours (I am not a fast sewer!) and the 2nd I made on Sunday evening.........these two skirts were made with scrap fabric that I already had.....can't wait to go to the fabric store so I can start on my 3rd skirt!!
The good thing about this skirt is that you can make it your own---you can make it as long, short, plain or funky as you like!!
Even my 'tween' daughter wants one!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Prom time!! Our local homeschooling association hosted the annual prom on Friday night. Here's the pictures of my daughter's BEAUTIFUL dress!! Sad though, she only gets to wear it once....and I doubt that we could find another girl small enough to pass it on to!! She fell in love with the dress and we had to have a size 2 shipped to us from another store....size 2! Can you believe it?? ~and we have to have it taken in on top of that!! It turned out gorgeous....and I thought SHE was gorgeous....even if she is mine!!
On the down side....she said the music wasn't that good and the food was even worse!! She did say that it wasn't a total washout though, because she felt like a princess (this is me, smiling!!)

Monday, January 18, 2010


So, I am on week #2 of the great clean out...if you don't know what that is go to www.organizedhome.com and check it out. I am following this plan. Now....I really do LOVE organization.....but I am one of those people who is a perfectionist at it...if I can't have perfection--then I don't want it!! Right about now, I am thinking to myself, "why did I start this? It isn't fun any more!" ~but the payoff is! So far, I have managed to clean out my master closet--love it! Love walking in there...b/c I can actually SEE what is in there! I was RUTHLESS in that clean out!! I have done the foyer-which consisted of a cabinet and a closet (good thing is that the closet had already been cleaned out--it just needed re-organizing! whew!) Today starts the living room....I have only managed to clean out a drawer in an old china hutch (we use it for books) and a cabinet....and again, I was ruthless (I may regret this later when I think to myself, "if I had just saved ______, I could use it now) but the truth is, if it hasn't been touched, used, needed or looked for in the last year, I really don't need it. So.....I really need to go clean up my clean out now!! :-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

11 Goals To Enhance Your Life This Year

I love the beginning of each new year, for me it’s always meant rejuvenation and an opportunity to look at new goals for personal growth and overall life skills that enhance daily life. By the end of the year it’s amazing and uplifting to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished, experienced and added to life and say: “This year I added this, this and that to my personal toolbox of experiences, skills and tools.” Fun stuff!

Here are a few ideas for helping define New Year’s Resolutions for yourself…

Picture of New Year's Resolutions List - Tipnut.com

11 Goals To Enhance Your Life This Year

  1. Choose One New Thing To Learn: Take a class for something you’ve always wanted to know how to do…learn how to knit, how to crochet, woodworking, embroidery, gourmet cooking, first aid, oil painting, wine making–whatever it is that sparks your interest, go for it this year!
  2. Eliminate One Negative Distraction: Media gossip taking too much mental space? Spending too much time complaining with and about others? World news or politics haunting you hourly? Cut the negative noise, focus on weeding out one distracting habit at a time…you won’t believe how much more productive and content you’ll be!
  3. Embrace One Positive Influence: Focus on making room for more time for something positive in your life. Nurturing friendships, seeking uplifting discussion or information, spiritual reflection.
  4. Honor Your Family: With your time, laughter, forgiveness, respect, generous acts, support and encouragement…then enjoy what blossoms from that.
  5. Nurture Your Home: Determine areas that need improvement–cleaning, baking & cooking, organize. Make pretty the best you can with the resources you have. Appreciate. Read 10 Secrets To Rewarding Homemaking for some inspiration.
  6. Develop One Healthier Lifestyle Habit: Exercise, eat better, cut fatty foods and snacks, quit smoking, cut the soda pop, walk more.
  7. Stretch Yourself–Do Something Terrifying: Public speaking, belly dance class, volunteer for your political party of choice, fundraise for a good cause.
  8. Teach Something: Volunteer to teach a community class, start a blog and share your experience or knowledge, share family recipes, history and traditions with younger family members.
  9. Reduce Something: Clutter, debt, overspending, household waste (recycle & repurpose).
  10. Focus On One Area For Increased Independence: Make more instead of buying ready-made (food, gifts), learn how to fix more instead of hiring or purchasing replacement, grow more of your own food–even if it’s just kitchen herbs, work on debt reduction.
  11. Stretch Your Generosity: Regularly do something a bit out of your way that helps someone else–give a co-worker a ride home, offer a helping hand to an elderly neighbor, donate clothing and household items to a struggling family–all with no strings attached.

Some goals you may let go of over time, but some will flourish. The fun is appreciating the journey–and where it leads you to next :) .

Happy New Year!

Originally Published January 1, 2008