our mini vacation

our mini vacation
view from the top of Jockey's Ridge

Thursday, May 27, 2010

kids and pools....

It's something we'll laugh about in years to come....If you want your kids to get out of the pool....let the little one get choked and puke in the pool! The others will decide rather QUICKLY that they really don't want to swim any more!! Yep....that happened to us today. Of course, Mom had to 'fish' out all of the puke....and then the kids decided, that 'naw' they had had enough swimming for today!! It will probably be DAYS before any of them want to swim again! (just to make sure that all the water has gone through the filter!!) The smallest one (the one who made all this possible!) probably would have gotten back in (she is a mermaid!!) but she has a brother and a sister who are germaphobes!! They decided for her that we'd all be done---that is, right after they sit and watch mom do the 'fishing'......

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