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our mini vacation
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Couponing and saving money

We all want to save money. We all like to save money....and if you are like me, you NEED to save money!! Being a stay-at-home-homeschooling-always-broke-looking-for-something-for-practically-nothing I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a deal!!
I have a friend who keeps telling me that we should really investigate this couponing thing...claims that she has a friend that actually MAKES money using coupons. Not that the friend is getting rich or anything-but her savings and coupons are actually getting her a few free items and a little money back (depending on store)....so, with newspaper in hand and scissors in the other, I started clipping. I find it very therapeutic actually! Well, unless you are angry and start cutting too hard and then hurt your hand!! or worse!
I've started stockpiling my coupons, got my coupon holder, organized them according to product (I am sounding really together aren't I????LOL! Don't be fooled!!)
I head out to the local grocery(the one that will double coupons) yesterday with my menu in hand, grocery list, coupons and the sales paper. This grocery trip took a little longer than usual...but it could be due to the fact that I had to keep turning around to call down some rowdy youngsters that kept wanting to dance and perform in front of the security cameras....yeah, pretty sure if someone watches those tapes, they'll be entertained!!
I was pleasantly surprised that I did manage to save $40 in groceries....I am still learning!! I'm looking forward to clipping coupons this Sunday!!
I review several blogs for savings also....through these blogs I have been able to score several shirts for $5 from a popular mall store, my son and daughter like the ever popular "Croc" shoes-and I was able to score 2 pairs of $40 crocs for $14.99 a piece with no shipping!!
Check out these sites....see what you might be able to save!!
www.dealseekingmom.com ( a great site)
www.mommyswishlist.com (sometimes she gives the coupon codes for % off savings at different stores for online ordering--very worth it!)
www.southernsavers.com (a site that will help you save on groceries locally)
www.afullcup.com (this site is good--but I can't seem to get it to work today--)

Happy Savings!!

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