our mini vacation

our mini vacation
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Just HAD to share this with you....isn't this skirt just the cutest??
I found it when I was looking for a basic wrap around (remember the 70's) skirt pattern. I had a pattern that I had used before....however, I wanted to update it some....that is when I found this!! It's called a 'Versatile skirt'...you can find it at: www.makeitperfect.com and go to the patterns.....on the package, it claims that it will become your favorite and you'll want to make many--which is so true!! I made my first on Saturday afternoon in a couple of hours (I am not a fast sewer!) and the 2nd I made on Sunday evening.........these two skirts were made with scrap fabric that I already had.....can't wait to go to the fabric store so I can start on my 3rd skirt!!
The good thing about this skirt is that you can make it your own---you can make it as long, short, plain or funky as you like!!
Even my 'tween' daughter wants one!!

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Rona Diane said...

perhaps you could make me a few in different fabrics seeing how I cant even sew