our mini vacation

our mini vacation
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

On this day....

December 7, 1985....I married my prince charming. He was tall and handsome....I was just a girl....well, he was a young man....he was 23 and I was 19.
I wanted a Christmas wedding for many reasons....it didn't require a lot of decorating because the church was already decorated for Christmas....and, I loved how the church looked decorated for Christmas. The wedding was at 7 p.m. and very beautiful....the beginning of our life.....
and you know how you have everything planned out for your life...yeah, I had that plan....I am a planner. I need a plan A, plan B and then a back up plan C....someone should have told me that it didn't work that way. Actually, if I were to be honest, someone probably did tell me and being 19 and knowing everything, I probably didn't listen!
So, today is our 23rd wedding anniversary. Would I do it again? YES...in a heart beat!! My 'Papa Bear' is the kindest, smartest, sweetest guy I know. He is fantastic husband....he works so hard for our family and provides for us very well...and never complains about it. He is a great father...very hands on. He changed baby poopy diapers, helped feed the babies, rocked the babies...he did it all. I have to smile now when my kids jump on him to wrestle....when my boys want to know 'where is dad', or 'when is dad gonna be home'....our children adore him. I love to hear our teenager...she calls him 'daddy'...and that is what he is.
I had our life planned to a 'T'...and God must have laughed at me during my planning process....and some of the plans happened, some of them didn't...most did not.
My husband has taught me a lot. When we married, I was type A personality, and he was type B...he taught me that most things we worry about never come to pass anyway. To not worry about things we have no control over. Let God handle it.
Now, I say that I would marry him all over again, but was it all a bed of roses.....NO...but we made it...well, so far we have made it. There are times when I feel very, very old....and there are other times when I feel like we are both still teenagers....just without the mullet(him) and the big teased hair (me)!
They say that the best gift you can give your children is for them to know that their parents love each other....and I do...I love their father with all of my heart.
So....Happy Anniversary Papa Bear....I would marry you all over again! in a heart beat!

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