our mini vacation

our mini vacation
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

huff and puff....

So...I am looking around and wondering...."why in the world did I put up so many Christmas decorations?" Actually, truth is, I LOVE putting the decorations up....it is the taking them down that I dislike. Usually I start with putting the trees up...there are two of them....and each time I go out into the garage for 'tree' things, I FIND more items to put out for Christmas, or I discover long lost Christmas ornaments and such....I tend to get carried away with the decor. So, from Thanksgiving to Christmas I add and add and add. We went to a marvelous Inn during these holidays and I fell in love with a light up candle....my sweet husband bought it for me....but, did I need it? NO...actually, while I was standing there admiring the candle in the store, I was thinking of where in the world would I put it....so, this was added to my Christmas decor (I found a place to put it!). My oldest daughter was fussing about how much Christmas stuff I had....and I do....but...in my own defense, I really, REALLY enjoy decorating for Christmas....but, I DO NOT like taking the decorations down.....
so, here I sit, thinking of the decorations that must/should come down tomorrow.....sigh.
I guess what I really don't like is that I build myself up for Christmas....all the baking (the house smells so good), the preparing, gift wrapping, blasting Christmas music....and singing to the top of my lungs-even though I can't carry a tune-even in a bucket! Once the ornaments and decorations come down, all that usually stops....why? why is it that we quit the Christmas spirit after the presents are opened, the paper thrown away, the cookies eaten?? I guess it is safe to say that it is a let down after Christmas....that is the part I don't like.....
Maybe tomorrow (if I get around to it) when I am taking the second tree down and packing away the decorations, I should blast some music on the radio and sing to the top of my lungs....I will let you know if we have any dogs that start howling!

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