our mini vacation

our mini vacation
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So....I am trying to learn new things...You hear all the time, celebrity women talking about how things changed when they turned 40...how 40 is the new 30- or something like that..yeah, yeah, yeah....blah, blah, blah....oh, but wait a minute....is there some truth to that?? For me, YES....well, I *actually turned 40 3 years ago (hehe ;P) I am learning daily...something new about myself....or maybe it is just that I spent too much time in my younger days trying to be everything that everyone *wanted me to be....finally, I had enough and said, "enough" "I am not gonna do it anymore!"...
My sweet husband and I watched that movie, "Fireproof", Valentine's night...it was a very good movie...made me want to take a step up in my marriage...not that we are doing anything wrong...my beloved and I have always been considerate of the other, always shown and told each other love...but made me really want my beloved to know that my love for him is real and he IS my knight in shining armor. God is working in us, as a couple...in us, as parents...in us, as a family....in me, as a christian....I *want people to see that Christ lives in me....I *want to be that Proverbs 31 woman!
Slowly, but surely, I am making changes within my home and within myself...in my home I have decided to go all green with my cleaning products....my family deserves it. I am working to make our home a haven for my husband and children....you know, that safe, enjoyable, comfortable place to come to....
In our finances, I am working on remembering this saying- "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" (Franklin Roosevelt). Doesn't that just speak to you?? It did me...with the economy being the way it is, I have found that I have made dumb choices in my spending and I really need to THINK before I buy!! This one will take some work!
Within myself...I finally made the decision to go back to Weight watchers....yuck...I didn't want to....fought it hard...but the reality is: I needed the help and the accountability...so, here I am....
I have a friend on Facebook who is amazing...she is 53 and runs marathons...not small ones either....I was talking to her and asking about her workouts....(she looks so good) she explained that you can't just go on a diet...for us, as women, we have so many roles within our homes...and we really should put forth more of an effort to take care of ourselves....and so many of us don't. If you stop to think about it...in our homes we are needed! If "Mama" goes overboard, the whole ship goes down! So, she encouraged me to make 'life style' changes....make sure that I exercise (even if only spurts at a time)...this will help with that pesky perimenopause! Eat right....sometimes that is the toughest for busy moms...with my Weight watcher program...it FORCES me to actually think about the meals I am going to eat and also the meals I am going to feed my family.
So...I guess we are in what you call a 'learning process' here....and it is O.K.


GrammyGoo said...

Wishing you great success as you go through this season of growth and changes.
Hugs, GG

Anonymous said...

You're doing great, Gina! I love when the Lord puts wind in our sails!