our mini vacation

our mini vacation
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jobs, Money, Stress....

My husband recently found out about a cracker/cookie distributorship route that has come available for sale. We have had many conversations about this. Today, he went for his interview...we found out that there are 4 guys in the running for this route. The process to see which guy is actually allowed to buy the business is not known to us.
My husband is such a good guy, the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it...and probably would if you just wanted it. He is always available to lend a hand to whoever needs help. He never complains, is a great husband, fabulous father, wonderful son. He has never said that he wants anything...but this distributorship he has stated that he wants. I want it for him if he wants it. So bad so, that my heart hurts for him. Today, he finally told me that he was a little stressed by all of this (only because I asked him point blank)...I am praying, asked my friends to pray, asked my face book friends to pray, asked my friends on 2 different message boards that I go on to pray....I figure the more praying-the better!
The initial cost of this business is quite steep...but we have learned that once a person buys one, they usually don't let go of it...some even hand it down to family members...that is saying alot.
This could be an answer to some financial prayers of mine. Things are quite tight right now. What is hard for me...is to 'let go and let God'...I keep telling God that my husband really wants this and if it is God's will, then He will provide....oh, but it is hard....right now, I guess we are just in a waiting hold.....since the interview is over....we'll see what is next. So...I guess I will continue to trust and hope that it works out the way I have envisioned in my head...that is, *if it is God's will.

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