our mini vacation

our mini vacation
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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cars and Teens....

So....evidently...I am a bad mom. Our oldest daughter will be turning 16 this coming summer....GASP....where did the time go? How in the world is she driving already??? I mean, to me, she is only 3!! or so I wish!
Her dad and I have been discussing a vehicle for her to drive. Our idea of a car is NOT her idea of a car...go figure! Mom and Dad's idea of a car is one that has air bags, auto locks, good tires, good on gas mileage, 4 doors- big enough for safety.....on and on....oops, forgot the most important thing...under....UNDER $10,000. Daughter's idea of a car is the one you see in the picture....ACK! We have had numerous discussions about this....daughter swears she will be safe, pay attention, not go over the speed limit, not let anyone else drive it...especially any cute boys that thinks she has a 'cool car'! Uh....no.....
Friday, the family went out 'car shopping'...well, actually, 'car looking'....ended up at our local nissan dealer....Father Bear saw a car that automatically drew him over...a 2003 nissan altima...white, 4 doors...everything Father wanted....Daughter looked at it, looked at me and said, 'uh, it looks too 'grand-maw-ish''! To which I reply....you have to try it on! GET IN.... (do I sound like I am losing patience? yeah, pretty much!) so, she gets in...I ask the sales agent to let her crank it and position the seat as if she were going to drive it (which we couldn't do because of time) once she positioned the seat...a look came over her face that said, 'this is ALRIGHT'...I then tell her to sit in the back seat to see how her 'girls' (her friends) will feel riding back there (just trying to get her to think in reality and forget the mustang!!) she then decides that this car is cool! Oh...those teenagers! We haven't purchased a car yet....still shopping...and probably will be for awhile....but I am sure that our teen has this vision in her head: that she will wake up on the morning of her 16th birthday, look out into the driveway and see a shiny, black, convertible, mustang with unlimited gas in the tank! Ok...time to wake up! Uh, sorry oldest daughter of mine....I think Mom and Dad are gonna win this battle!!!! Sorry!!!
on the other hand...couldn't we just go to walmart and purchase that shiny blue 10 speed like we did when she was 10? ~And she thought it was the greatest thing??

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