our mini vacation

our mini vacation
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Friday, January 9, 2009

So...we aren't so strange afterall....

Not that I enjoy other people's sufferings...I do not...but lately, I have a few friends that are experiencing some circumstances similar to things that I have gone through. One friend had to take her daughter to the E.R., because her younger son hit the daughter in the neck with a golf club...one day they will laugh about it...but right now, it isn't funny. I just read on a message board that I am a member of that a friend on there had to make an E.R. visit because the 3 year old swallowed the 7 year old's diary key.....now that one WILL be funny in future years....however, now....NOT so funny! I had to make the emergency visit to the dr one evening (fortunately the pediatrician let me come to her office for stitches instead of the E.R.) my children were in our garage playing (it was cold and rainy outside-they needed SPACE to play and burn up some energy!) Things had gone well ALL afternoon....all of a sudden I heard a blood curdling scream....my son had swung the garage broom (those big push brooms) around and my smallest daughter just happened to put her face in the line of fire...BAM...right on the cheek...screaming, blood and VERY scared children is what I had on hand! Luckily, the pediatrician was able to 'glue' my daughter's cut....all that remains today is a small line...and the memory...which we now can laugh and remind my daughter that her brother gave her that battle wound! Then there was the case of a very small little girl...probably 2 years old at the time....swallowing a penny.....yeah, NOW we laugh about it...but at the time all Mom could do was panic and say "oh, NO...oh, NO".....yep, luckily the pediatrician said, "meet me at the office"...however, that trip was just a lay over for the hospital X-rays that would be needed....and as soon as they X-rayed her.....you could see that penny clear as day....just about to go into the stomach....so, Mom (that is me!) was given the instructions to 'fish' through the poop diapers...and if penny didn't appear in about a day or two-we would need more X-rays.....so, for the next while...mom (that is me) 'fished' through poop diapers....no penny appeared...so off we go again for more X-rays....now the penny is seen in the intestines....so, Mom (that is me again)

is told to keep fishing! So, a fishing I go...AGAIN....still no penny...off we go again to the doctor's office for more X-rays....now penny is gone....where did the penny go you ask....whoknows....mom never did 'fish' that penny out!!

This past summer, one of my sons actually put his hand in a MOVING tread mill...yes, let's talk about FREAKING out...yeah, that is what I did!!! TOTALLY freak out....then we head off to the E.R. ....we didn't know what for since there was only shreds of skin left on his hand. Now, that is a story within itself....and we aren't to the point to laugh about that one yet...it is STILL just too new... We spent the entire summer (this accident happened on Father's Day) going to the many doctor visits.....so many doctors....so many bandages...

This past December we finally had our last doctor visit for my son's hand. Luckily, he will not need surgery and he was released until he may have trouble with this hand. The doctor doesn't foresee any problems in the future.....but, like I said, this is still too new for us to laugh at right now....maybe one day...then again, maybe not!

I really don't enjoy other's sufferings...but it is nice to know that there are other moms out there who are/is going through some of the same issues as I.

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