our mini vacation

our mini vacation
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


O.K.,....one usually doesn't receive recipes from one's brother...but, I have to admit...my brother "Joe" shared this one with me....now I will share with you....it is quite tasty. Probably could be in the category of a 'frugal' meal, probably could be added to or taken from...I personally like it as is.


sausage (whatever you like- we use hot breakfast sausage)
can of pinto beans
rice (however much your family usually eats)

brown sausage and drain- add pintos (I added without the juice from can) cover and let sit (not on heat) while rice cooks. Cook rice according to package directions.
Add sausage mixture to rice; mix well. Serve.
** 'the Father bear' and I did add some salsa to ours-that made it a little more zesty...very yummy!!

~Thanks Joe for sharing with your dear old (no comment there!!) sister!!

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Stace' said...

Sounds like something my family would love. Tell Joe thanks for us.