our mini vacation

our mini vacation
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Friday, June 5, 2009


Does this look like a sweet little dog to you?? He is not...He is a BAD DOG... very BAD DOG!!
We were leaving the other night to go to my son's baseball tournament...my oldest daughter had a friend going with us (a friend of the opposite gender--more on that later)...so I go out to the garage and start clearing some things out of the van to make way for an 'extra' person....
one of the things I clear out is our 'church bag'....what is a 'church bag' you ask...It is a tote bag (that I made) that holds our bibles, pens, small note book, and any papers the kids may have accumulated in Sunday school.... I put our 'church bag' on the golf cart and proceed to clear a few other things out of the van. I forget to put the church bag back into the van.....we go to the game (daughter and friend of the opposite gender do not ride with us, but ride in friend of the opposite gender's truck---Dad said they could---more on that later). Later that evening we arrive home and I had completely forgotten all about the church bag sitting on the golf cart....it stays there all night and all the next day--the dog doesn't bother it at all....
The following day, we have yet another baseball tournament to attend. Same friend of the opposite gender goes along too (more on that later)....when we arrive home, everyone is freezing cold and soaking wet--yep, played baseball in the rain....and we lost....BAD. Driving into the garage, I notice some paper all over the garage. I am thinking to myself, 'oh, daughter has a mess to clean up' (the dog belongs to my oldest daughter)....grateful to be home-so we can dry off and finally eat supper---I did say we were starving didn't I?? Yes, we are starving! I open my door of the van to inspect the papers that are littering the floor of the garage...and to my HORROR....I notice that the papers are MINE.....excuse me, but now I have to change ink colors because Mama Bear is FURIOUS at this point....those papers that belong to ME...also belong in my BIBLE!!!! GRRRRRRR....the dog has gone into the church bag that is on the golf cart and taken out my bible...completely left the dad's bible alone! ~and has proceeded to eat my bible!
For years I shared a bible with my husband. I have given him several over the years. Every year, several times a year I would 'hint' about how much I wanted a bible of my own....sweet dear husband never got the hint....so I just went and got myself a bible...it was so nice. Leather bound, name embossed on it, NIV version, complete with devotions for every day reading, a Woman's bible....and now, it was in the belly of the BEAST dog!! GRRRRR.
Guess he was hungry for 'the Word'...bad joke I know....sorry....but right now I have to find the funny or I will cry!! Needless to say, the dog is staying out of Mama Bear's way these days!
I will get another bible--don't know when....but in the mean time, I will go back to one of my husband's old bibles--that the dog didn't EAT!

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Anonymous said...

LOL, Gina! That sweet little puppy ate your Bible? Nahh...he's too sweet! *tongue in cheek*

Good thing he's really cute tho, right?